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News Flash !

Last Rodinesque Event of 2012 !

Sunday 9th December

see Event diary for more details !!!

Also we are planning a Painting W/E ! one Rodinesque pose all W/E ! Interested ?

Sculpture classes in idyllic France anyone?

Vaugel Sculpture 

More ideas a 5day Rodinesque Sculpture w/shop in the New Year ! Keep checking for more details

and if that's not enough we are available for photography projects or w/shops !

See new Emley photo's of projects achievements

The First Rodinesque Event was dedicated to a dear freind " Gabriela D'Ippolito" who sadly is longer with us, but her essence of expression lives on in Rodinesque 

Who is Rodinesque ?

Rodinesque has been formed by two Enthusiastic Professional Life Models,  who have felt for awhile there was a source of material missing from Art Colleges and Private Groups.

So inspired by the works of Rodin and other Masters, they decided to work together to capture the essence of these Masters through Creative, Sensual and Erotic poses, which carry and convey energy.

The idea is to present to accomplished and enthusiastic Artists a opportunity to draw or paint two life models who have a real connection and who are not afraid to truly express what is seen in the work of Rodin and other Masters.

Format of Drawing & Painting Days

The Drawing /Painting event days are non tutored and organised by " Rodinesque " and will run on selected Saturday's for a whole day from 10am-5pm with a 1 hour lunch break.

The format of the day will start with 4/5 short poses typically between 5 & 10 mins followed by 4 longer poses of 20 mins each with 15 mins breaks between each session. After lunch there  will be 3 longer poses of 45 min each from the Rodinesque portfolio.






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